True North Real Estate Wealth Management was formed in 2013. The founder, Tom Donahue, recognized the need to help and assist families with professional real estate advisory and investment advice for their current real estate Portfolio’s and future real estate Investments.

“We lived thru the real estate recessions in the ‘80’s and ’08 and understand the underlying problems with real estate ownership and how to better serve our clients going forward to avoid the pitfalls of real estate ownership” – Tom Donahue, Chairman.

Real estate is a fantastic alternative investment most people should have in their investment portfolios. True North is excited and happy to share their wealth of knowledge to those seeking to play in this fun and lucrative industry.

We aptly named our company as “real estate wealth management” since real estate can be a large asset class on a client’s balance sheet. True North will manage real estate wealth expectations by following strict adherence to the lessons learned over the past few years.

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