Real Estate Syndication

At True North Real Estate Wealth Management, we believe our experience of over 35 years in property ownership and management has proven to be a very successful investment for our investors. Why? We have owned, operated, and brokered over 10,000,000 square feet of real estate transactions.

Simple – Supportive – Strategic

Our investment philosophy follows these three key ingredients.

Simple : We make it simple and easy for our investors to access a variety of premiere real estate assets at low entry points so our investors can participate in cash flow producing assets.

Supportive : We acquire properties which support and supplement most investors overall investment portfolios. We define our properties as supportive since our focus is on cash flow producing assets. We require our properties to make money while we sleep.

Strategic : We believe this is what separates True North from our competitors. First, our many years of experience in 3 down cycles has taught us - what to buy, when to buy, and why we should be investing in a particular property. As example, take the current market cycle. The Corona Virus has impacted and will continue to impact the real estate industry, mainly due to interruptions associated with the global supply chain.

We’re very seasoned on what to do in market disruptions. Our experience has taught us medical office buildings are the preferred acquisition target.

Why medical? In all three real estate market collapses (‘80’s, 90’s, ’08) now 2020; we know without question, doctors and dentist will always be in demand. Especially as Baby Boomer’s retire and need medical attention. Medical office buildings are stable and sustainable in challenging market conditions. This is our focus….

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